How To Treat And Prevent The Ingrown Hair To Get Healthy Skin?

Treatment And Prevent The Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hair can be a real pain when it happens. It can happen to anybody. When a growing hair grows back inside the skin instead of coming out of the skin, it is called ingrown hair. As a result, a small reddish bump appears. It can be painful. It is not very easy to remove ingrown hair but it can be treated properly. The ingrown hair if grows in the face can cause a lot of pain. But, there are ways to combat that.

While treating ingrown hair, one must be careful not to cause further abrasion or injury to the affected part. It should be kept clean to prevent infection. Moreover, one must take the help of the trained professional to treat ingrown hair products.

Ways to Treat and Prevent Ingrown Hair:

  • Many times, the cause of ingrown hair can be due to the accumulation of dirt and dead skin cells in the hair follicles, especially in the face. As a result, the hair shaft instead of growing normally grows back on the skin. So, one must take great care to keep the skin clean to avoid infected ingrown hair. Scrubbing the skin twice or thrice prevents the build-up of dead skin cells. Thus, the hair grows naturally.
  • During shaving or waxing, there are chances of the hair breaking midway if not done properly. as a result, the hair can break below the skin. The broken hair may grow back and cause ingrown hair bump. One must be careful while shaving. While pulling off wax strips, one must be careful to remove the hair properly.
  • While treating ingrown hairs at home, one can use tweezers. This is a common method to treat the ingrown hair. But, while using tweezers, one must be careful to use sterilised tweezers. The tweezers must be pointed so that they can be used closely to pull out the hair. Also, it is better to use close view mirrors to avoid skin injury.
  • If afraid of pulling out the hair by oneself, one can also go for solutions to be applied on the skin. Whether it is ingrown hair armpit or in any other region of the body, the solution can be applied as per the doctor’s advice. Such a solution causes the ingrown hairs to fall off by themselves after a few applications.
  • Another very useful method for removal of ingrown hair is the laser removal technique. It is very expensive but is an effective method to remove the ingrown hair completely. The laser technique not only removes the hair but also prevents further growth of hair.
  • While shaving, one must make sure that the blade must only be used on wet hair. If not done so, there are chances of dry hair being pulled which results in the hair being broken under the skin surface.

There are many ways to avoid ingrown hair. While avoiding ingrown hair from emerging, one must also take care so that infection is not caused. In case of aggravation, a trained physician must be contacted.

How to stay away from the risks of injuries while removing hair quickly?

Everyone wants a clear and glowing skin free of any hair. While hair on the head and the eyebrows are very much favourable, the same hair is unwanted in the other parts of the body. With time, people have been using a lot of techniques for removing hair from their body. While the easier techniques like razor can be faster, it can also give problems like razor burn or razor rash etc. There are expensive as well as inexpensive methods too for easy removal of hair.

Before going for any hair removal techniques, one should do a patch test or test it on the skin before using it. There might be some problems like skin sensitivity or razor burn on legs or any other skin problems. Some of the conventional methods for hair removal are creams, waxing, threading, razor blades etc. Among all others, the quickest way for hair removal is using a razor. Though they are easy and convenient to use, some precautions must be taken to avoid unwanted problems.

How to Use Razor for Quick and Easy Hair Removal

Razors are one of the quickest methods for removing hair from almost any part of the body. They are cheap and very much safe to use on skin. Razors can easily be used to remove hair. There is also no fear of getting a cut or infection or razor burn on legs. If you know how to get rid of razor bumps on bikini area then only you should use the razors in that part of your body. Razors are especially useful when there is the short time to groom you and have no time for a visit to the parlour. Though there can be bumps in the bikini area, one can find out about how to get rid of razor bumps on the bikini area. Apart from that, razor does not cause much trouble.

Razors must be used carefully so that there are no unwanted cuts in the sensitive area. There are razors which also come with a moisturising lining which prevents the skin from cracking or drying. Razors can be disposable. They can be used until the blades are sharp. After that, they have to throw away. There are also razors which can be reused. The blades can be changed once they lose their sharp edges. There are separate razors for hair removal only. For shaving sensitive areas, one must use a very good razor brand. If you do not know how to get rid of razor bumps fast, they can cause a minor problem.

How to Avoid and Treat Minor Razor Injuries While Shaving

The first and foremost rule to use Razor safely is to buy a good brand of razor. Good brands have advanced technologies which result in lesser cuts and precision shaving. For shaving purposes only, women razor must be bought. If there are any burns associated while shaving, you must know how to soothe razor burn. Aloe vera gel can be used as a soothing ointment. It cures and heals the burns.

Razor can be comfortably used in the bikini area too. Compared to waxing which is quite painful, shaving is a better option. However, one must be careful while using it in that area. Sensitive areas must be avoided. If one knows how to get rid of bikini bumps, it is quite easy to use a razor in that area. Threading or other methods can be painful and they take a lot of time too. A laser is a good technique for hair removal but is quite costly. Therefore, using a razor can be helpful in a lot of ways if used carefully and properly.

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Ingrown Hair Removal in Simple Steps

Ingrown hairs are formed curling and growth of hair inside the skin which can result in pain and discomfort. They can be removed in simple steps.

Tools for Ingrown Hair Removal

One can use needle or tweezers, but make a note that it should be sterile. Before using any of these devices use a hot compress. This will help in bringing the ingrown hair outside. Try not to remove the hair, just let the hair come outside of the skin and grow outside independently. Of course, you can also remove razor bump hair with needle or tweezer.


Before you opt for any ingrown hair removal procedure, make sure you sterilize the skin with alcohol or apple cider vinegar. Swipe the cotton soaked in sterilizing solution on the razor bumps. After sterilization, use hot press or towel soaked in hot water, but be careful water should not be too hot to avoid burns. Repeatedly apply the hot press until the ingrown hair comes onto the surface.

Heat opens pores of the skin and the utilize any of your tools and press slowly. Make sure hair and puss, if any comes out with the hair. Sanitize the area to avoid any kind of infection.

Ingrown hair removal is quite easy if they do not have infections. Presence of infection and puss makes it difficult for the hair to emerge on the surface. Infected razor bumps require a number of heat compressions to make the hair come to the surface.

Hair end can be visible on the skin surface, use a needle to free the hair. Pointed tweezers are more helpful than flat tweezers and cause less damage to the area surrounding the razor bump.

Exfoliation for Ingrown Hair Removal

Ingrown hair removal can be performed more easily by exfoliation. Salt can be used for exfoliation of legs and olive oil and sugar can be used for exfoliation of skin.

What to do if razor bump does not subsides?

Incase, the ingrown hair does not come out easily by above methods, you can visit a dermatologist and discuss the procedure or medication to be followed.

How to get rid of razor bumps overnight?


Armpit is an area which is difficult to shave and shaving to and fro may result in ingrown hairs. Always shave in the direction of hair growth and not against it. One need not struggle to get rid of razor bumps overnight, use the following methods

Physical methods:

  • You can prevent irritation and inflammation caused by ingrown hair armpit by using cold compress or hot compress. Cold compress reduces pain by temporary numbness whereas hot compress opens the skin pores and releases the trapped hair inside the skin. The hot compress also soothes the inflamed skin. You can opt for either cold compress or hot compress to get rid of razor bumps overnight.

Exfoliating agents:

  • Baking soda is known for its exfoliating properties. Add one table spoon of baking powder in one-half cup water. Apply the diluted solution on the ingrown hair armpit. Rinse the solution after 5 mins of application. Repeat the procedure couple of times until the inflammation and irritation reduces and subsequently disappears

Natural Products:

  • Extracts of aloe Vera and tea tree oil is applied directly on the ingrown armpit hair. These products reduce irritation and soothe the skin. It is good to apply aloe vera extract as it is a natural moisturizer and hydrates the skin and prevents rashes. Tea tree oil helps to prevent bacterial infections and inflammation.
  • Lemon Juice is a powerful antioxidant and also possesses a number of health benefits. Take lemon juice in a cotton swab and apply it on the affected area. The astringent properties of lemon juice acts on the inflamed ingrown hair and results in exfoliation and at the same time to prevent scarring. Apply the lemon juice for 15 mins and rinse. Repeat the procedure until ingrown armpit hair inflammation subsides.
  • The acidic nature of apple cider vinegar helps in reducing irritation. Apply apple cider vinegar with the help of cotton swab. Allow it to dry and then rinse it with water. Repeat the procedure couple of times to get rid of ingrown armpit hair.

Medical interventions

Apart from the above easy home-based remedies to get rid of ingrown armpit hair, one can also use glycolic acid, aspirin paste, aluminium block, hydrocortisone and antibacterial creams.