How To Treat And Prevent The Ingrown Hair To Get Healthy Skin?

Treatment And Prevent The Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hair can be a real pain when it happens. It can happen to anybody. When a growing hair grows back inside the skin instead of coming out of the skin, it is called ingrown hair. As a result, a small reddish bump appears. It can be painful. It is not very easy to remove ingrown hair but it can be treated properly. The ingrown hair if grows in the face can cause a lot of pain. But, there are ways to combat that.

While treating ingrown hair, one must be careful not to cause further abrasion or injury to the affected part. It should be kept clean to prevent infection. Moreover, one must take the help of the trained professional to treat ingrown hair products.

Ways to Treat and Prevent Ingrown Hair:

  • Many times, the cause of ingrown hair can be due to the accumulation of dirt and dead skin cells in the hair follicles, especially in the face. As a result, the hair shaft instead of growing normally grows back on the skin. So, one must take great care to keep the skin clean to avoid infected ingrown hair. Scrubbing the skin twice or thrice prevents the build-up of dead skin cells. Thus, the hair grows naturally.
  • During shaving or waxing, there are chances of the hair breaking midway if not done properly. as a result, the hair can break below the skin. The broken hair may grow back and cause ingrown hair bump. One must be careful while shaving. While pulling off wax strips, one must be careful to remove the hair properly.
  • While treating ingrown hairs at home, one can use tweezers. This is a common method to treat the ingrown hair. But, while using tweezers, one must be careful to use sterilised tweezers. The tweezers must be pointed so that they can be used closely to pull out the hair. Also, it is better to use close view mirrors to avoid skin injury.
  • If afraid of pulling out the hair by oneself, one can also go for solutions to be applied on the skin. Whether it is ingrown hair armpit or in any other region of the body, the solution can be applied as per the doctor’s advice. Such a solution causes the ingrown hairs to fall off by themselves after a few applications.
  • Another very useful method for removal of ingrown hair is the laser removal technique. It is very expensive but is an effective method to remove the ingrown hair completely. The laser technique not only removes the hair but also prevents further growth of hair.
  • While shaving, one must make sure that the blade must only be used on wet hair. If not done so, there are chances of dry hair being pulled which results in the hair being broken under the skin surface.

There are many ways to avoid ingrown hair. While avoiding ingrown hair from emerging, one must also take care so that infection is not caused. In case of aggravation, a trained physician must be contacted.