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  • Five important Robot inputs often need some tuning:

    1. + Robot.This.Chart.Unique.Processes.Nickname!

      Must be unique for every Chart! .It is used for many Logs, Emails, and MQL ID Notifications ( e.g. monitoring deals, Swaps, connection, Auto-Trading, inputs changes etc.. ) .MT5 Terminal Options Email and Notifications should be present as activated before the robot is placed on Live Chart. For Notification, check ” Enable Push notifications ” and uncheck ” Notify of trade transactions ” to save Notifications times for the robot’s.

    2. + Messaging.Option

      If it is a Main Chart, an Extra Chart, a Compact, or a Detailed Chart.

    3. – Broker.Closure.Waiting.In.Seconds [ 0 – 300 ]

      Wait in seconds before closing a trading position, if your broker doesn’t welcome styles like Scalping.

    4. – Broker.Commission.Per.100K.Lot ( half! round | trip | run )

      If your ECN Account Broker, for example, charges a double|round commission for full transactions (opening and closing a position), you can type it here. Consequentially, this Robot will use that commission for all Pairs( Currencies ). In addition, the Robot will approximate the opening and closing commission of a synthetic Arbitrage Triangle that consists of 3 pairs commissions ( i.e. average of 3 as a trading result ).

      During testing, you can tune this from zero to maximum number of commission your Broker requires. As a result, you’ll find the commission that best fits your Broker’s available Pairs of Currency. Commonly, Brokers have free commission Accounts and up to 16$ fixed commission Accounts for every 100K Vol|Lot size as every  round | trip | run  requires. Precisely, don’t double the commission for the full trip and just type half of it for a single trip.

      Furthermore, if it is a trip for every million, you may need to multiply it in 0.1 to get the 100K result.

      Unless some Broker’s representative tells you something else,  3 is the number you often type it for a Broker that requires 3$ for a round trip as an example. Consequentially, the Robot will calculate the average result for every  Currency Symbol according to its specification and whenever it exists with an Arbitrage Triangle.

    5. – Trading.Size

      Freelance: for expecting 45% ROI per trading cycle,
      Sole.Proprietorship: for expecting 65% ROI per trading cycle, or
      Company: for expecting 85% ROI per trading cycle.



  • Features:

  1. Multi Currency Expert Advisor.

  2. Arbitrage Matrix Trading Strategy.

  3. Minimum Holding Time can be from zero second like Scalping.

  4. Average Holding Time can be up to couple of hours in most cases.

  5. Maximal Holding Time can extend from a Friday to a Friday.

  6. Synthetic Distributed Trading Strategy using Arbitrage Triangles.

  7. Trading size from Micro|Cent to Standard Account type.

  8. Works for Demo, Contest, and Real Account type.

  9. Designed for both Netting and Hedging Account margin mode.

  10. Trading.Size input – Freelance, Sole.Proprietorship, and Company.

  11. Messaging option fully equipped with most necessary messages ( e.g. monitoring deals, Swaps, connection, non-robotic and non-robot type deals, inputs changes, restarts etc..)  .If you like to stop monitoring Swaps, choose the input: Main|Extra.Chart.Compact.

  12. Broker’s specifications inputs.

  13. Broker’s collection of Pairs correlation positive reflecting Robot. It is a long story to explain this feature. However, you’ll understand it, if you have many Demo Accounts with different Brokers and kept testing the Robot with different Brokers specifications and different Currency Pairs collections for a quiet enough while.

  14. Entry.Caution.Level ( E.C.Level ) process.

  15. Price Action Entry and Exit for all deals using E.C.L.

  16. Exit for all deals using E.C.L and different exit processes ( i.e. can be up to 10 different ways ).

  17. Holding Time management as Swaps reduction strategy in addition to the fact that Arbitrage Triangle has 3 pairs that often make up a slight negative|positive value cumulatively.

  18. Events gaping resistant.

  19. Holidays gaping resistant.

  20. Spread gaping resistant.

  21. Pairs.Correlation.Pattern option.

  22. Robot’s Nickname.

  23. Robot Jobs.

  24. Punctual Daily Report – it sends you the report every 24.hr starting from the time you ran the Robot e.g.  at  14:00:00 everyday as you started it at  14:00:00 for the first time the Robot was started.

  25. Built-in database of Pairs and Correlation Patterns that helps:

  26. Save User’s time and effort writing a list of Pairs or thinking of what Arbitrage collection is better.

  27. Index, Save, and Restore previous status of traded Arbitrage matrix.

  28. Deals cost, spreads, and commission coverage calculations.

  29. Lite smart Robot that uses only the necessary functions with the least possible neat code.

  30. New deals type supported – MT5 Close By positions that saves a commission per 2 opposite positions of the same instrument on a Hedge margin mode Account type.

  31. Screen Details options.

  32. Messaging options for both Account type with|without Swap. Compact option won’t tell about Swaps.

  33. Sticky process solution e.g. persisting Critical Errors, Timer Errors etc.. in addition to messaging the User, if it has to be Human regulated or a manual check.

  34. Pairs Lead option.

  35. Market option.

  36. Correlation Pattern option.

  37. Fixed Built-in Magic Numbering to Account number so orders are always separated and known to be separated from manual and other robots overlapping.

  38. Automatic checks both for User’s and MT5 options.

  39. Prints to MT5 log file and Expert tab, sends emails, sends notifications, and output to Chart screen.

  40. Works with ticks, time, and timers.

  41. Internal checks for Robot processes.

  42. Both back-end checks for opening, closing, rejection, and recounting of Arbitrage Matrix and the same for the front-end by messaging the User about them. That is part of the messaging feature.

  43. Varied strategies of Entry and Exit or Multi-Strategic Robot.

  44. Works with most Brokers and Account types.

  45. PM & AM Chart style|theme typical to Trading Server Time what makes it distinguishable specifically for those e.g. in the north side of the earth.


  • Subscribing to that Full Features Robot has 6 activations!

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  • Some Usage Notes:

When practicing this Robot, kindly, pay attention to the following!

  1. Demo and Contest servers are often a buzz,  have limits to 100 – 200 number of orders, and have only 1:100 Leverage.

  2. ulike123 Robot inputs Formula ( Max.Lot.Step.Multiplier + Simultaneous.Triangles + Triangles.Optin/Pairs.Correlation.Pattern ) may be adjusted to trade for a collective profit of 1.cent to collectively a profit of over 1000$ per trading cycle; a month, for example.

  3. 6000$ or 6000.cents is the quiet enough or largest known initial deposit amount using the Robot’s default inputs.

  4. 6$ or 6.cents is the least enough or least known initial deposit amount using the Robot’s default inputs.

  5. 1:500 Leverage is the largest quite enough frequently used leverage e.g. FSA regulated Account.

  6. 1:30 Leverage is the least enough rarely used leverage e.g. FCA regulated Account.

  7. For Micro|Cent Account type, remember that when you see a profit of 1000, that means only 10$. Technically, it makes no difference for a program since it uses MT5 necessary lot equations, but for investors it must differ! So, you have to be familiar with that!

  8. Please, back-test the robot before using it with a Real Account to tune the inputs to the Broker’s commission, if any – as the most important input to be tuned!

  9. Try finding a Broker that has Wednesday as the 3 days Swap Day. That’s often better. You can know that by chatting online. Beside that, if you have a Practice Account, Demo|Contest, you can right-click on a Pair of Currency. After that, read its specification by clicking on it from the drop-down menu. The same can be achieved with Real Account.

  10. Try finding a well-known regulated Broker – a Broker that falls under e.g. FSA etc.. If the Broker has many regulators, that often means it is an excellent Broker that can be found internationally.


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Three steps have to be present before application on Live Account:

  1. ulike123 Robot needs you and|or the person who sets it up to know about at least Forex robots main principles. For example and not limited to ( e.g. volume/lot size of orders/deals,  risk management levels, MT5 expert usual need of unique magic number, MT5 back and demo testing etc.. ) .. For more details visit  https://www.mql5.com/
  2. ulike123 Robot needs you and|or the person who sets it up to be aware of at least Forex broker’s, for example and limited to, type of Account, type of Account execution, size of Account spread, size of Account commission, and so.. For more details visit  http://www.myfxbook.com/
  3. ulike123 Robot needs you and|or the person who sets it up to understand at least Forex robots or EAs (Expert Advisor) and that such automated Forex trading via such software is used at user’s own risk as it is and |or such software is often used for learning purposes! Also, be sure that you have Read and Agreed to our TOS and Privacy Policy in addition to the Risk Warning, DisclaimerDisclosure, and any such current and|or (at your option)  any future legal terms that can be found on this page and|or with the ulike123 Robot ,for example and not limited to, the Robot’s Icon Attribution and the MQL5   Rules of Using the Market Service .

Risk Warning:

There is a high level of risk involved when trading leveraged products such as Forex/CFDs. Therefore, you should not risk more than you can afford to lose, because it is possible that you may lose more than your entire investment. As a result, you should not trade or invest unless you fully understand the true extent of your exposure to the risk of loss. Consequentially, when trading or investing, you must always take into consideration the level of your experience. For example, copy-trading services imply additional risks to your investment due to the nature of such products. To conclude, if the risks involved seem unclear to you, please apply to an outside specialist for an independent advice.


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